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Dantan has advanced carbon products production equipment and technology, and graphite electrode production capacity is 120,000 tons per year, covering diameter 200-800 mm regular power, impregnated, high power and ultra-high power four series of more than 90 varieties of specifications. The production capacity of medium & fine-grain special graphite, conducting electrode, graphite block, cathode carbon block for aluminium electrolysis is 50,000 tons per year, isostatic graphite is 2,000 tons per year, graphite crucible and saggar is 150,000 sets per year, and anode material graphitization is 30,000 tons per year. The products have high mechanical strength, good thermal shock resistance, low consumption characteristics, widely used in iron and steel, yellow phosphorus, corundum, industrial silicon, electrolytic aluminum, new energy anode and cathode materials, photovoltaic, semiconductor, electro sparking, non-ferrous metals, chemical industry and other industries.


Production Equipment

Baking & Impregnation

Dantan Has 3 Sets Of 36-Chamber Baking Furnace, 1 Setof 30-Chamber Baking Furnace,

Raw Material & Calcining

Needle Coke Purchased From Phillips 66,Mizushima AndMitsubishi Chemical,

Mixing & Forming

Dantan Has 5 Sets Of Patented Technology Automaticbatching System,


Dantan Has 2 Sets Of LWG Furnace,1 Set Of Acheson Graphitizationfur-Nace.


Dantan Has 4 Sets Of Automaticelectrode CNC Machining Lines,


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Precautions when using graphite electrodes

Precautions when using graphite electrodes

1.When loading materials into the furnace, in order to reduce the impact on the electrodes from material collapse, large chunks of material should be placed near the bottom of the furnace. Also, avoid the accumulation of non-conductive objects such as lime directly below the electrodes, as it may affect electrical conductivity or cause electrode breakage.   2.Pay attention to the position of the furnace cover. If the cover is misaligned, the electrodes may rub against the cover and get damaged or even break when moving up or down.   3.A set of connected electrodes should not be placed horizontally to prevent breakage.   4.When connecting electrodes, if any joint bolts are found to be loose, they should be tightened before use.   5.If gaps are found after connecting the electrodes, the cause must be identified and the gaps eliminated before use.   6.The electrodes should be used vertically to avoid tilting during operation.   7.Correct connection positions for electrodes and joints (refer to Figure 1).   8.Position requirements for electrode holders (refer to Figure 2), which should be placed outside the caution line of the top electrode.Note: The holder should not be placed inside the caution line or on the middle electrode, as this may cause electrode breakage.   9.Due to differences in materials and manufacturing processes among manufacturers, there are differences in the physical and chemical properties of electrodes and joints. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to interchange electrodes and joints from different manufacturers.   10.For furnaces with significant vibrations, using pins can help prevent loosening or disconnection.   1 2

Transportation and storage of graphite electrodes
DanTan Group  won the 2020 global graphite electrode quality brand!

DanTan Group won the 2020 global graphite electrode quality brand!

    At the 11th International Needle Coke and Application Market Summit Forum, which just ended in November 2020, Liaoning Dantan Technology Group was awarded the "2020 Global Graphite Electrode Quality Brand".The International Needle Coke and Graphite Electrode Application Summit Forum hosted by Xinmi Information was held in Xiamen, Fujian, China. Business representatives and industry experts attended. At the meeting, the new pattern of the global needle coke market in 2020 and the future market of the downstream market (graphite electrode, anode material) were discussed.   , presided over by sun qing:1, needle coke market into a new cycle, needle coke enterprises how to deal;2. The supply capacity of needle coke has been greatly improved, which brings challenges and opportunities to domestic graphite electrode enterprises;3. Whether the great development of needle coke industry can increase the export advantage of graphite electrode in China;4, scrap steel import liberalization, can reduce the cost pressure of electric furnace steel mills, to bring more opportunities to the electrode;5, needle coke price peak has passed, negative enterprises for raw material selection trend;6, power battery to needle coke negative material viscosity discussion;Six major issues of intense discussion, Liaoning Dan carbon technology group co., LTD., Han spruce to the scene to actively discuss.   Subsequently, the conference launched the "2020 Global Needle Coke Industry Quality Enterprise" and "2020 Graphite Electrode Industry Quality Enterprise" selection activities. In the end, Dan Carbon Group was named "2020 Global Graphite Electrode Quality Brand". I would like to thank the judges of the Conference for their support and encouragement. Thank our customers and leaders for their affirmation of Dan Carbon Group. Dan Carbon Group will continue its efforts to focus on the carbon industry and strive to become a professional, global graphite electrode manufacturer to provide users with high-quality products and services.