Transportation and storage of graphite electrodes

Apr 03, 2024

1.When hoisting or inverting electrodes, operate with caution to prevent slipping and damaging the electrodes due to tilting.


2.To ensure the good condition of the electrode end face and thread, do not directly hang the electrodes at both ends with an iron hook for hoisting (see Figure 1).


3.Handle the joint box with care when loading and unloading to prevent knocking and causing thread damage.


4.Do not stack electrodes and joints directly on the ground, place them on wooden blocks or metal racks to prevent damage or contamination. Do not remove the packaging of temporarily unused electrodes and joints to prevent dust and debris from falling on the threads or electrode holes (see Figure 2).


5.Store the electrodes neatly in the warehouse, cushion the sides of the electrode stack to prevent sliding. The stacking height of electrodes should generally not exceed 2 meters.


6.Pay attention to rain and moisture when storing electrodes. Moist electrodes should be dried before use to prevent cracking and increased oxidation during steelmaking.


7.Do not store electrode joints near high temperatures to prevent the joint bolts from melting due to excessive heat.


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