200mm graphite electrodes

By:Win Nov 04, 2020
200mm graphite electrodes
The diameter of 200 mm graphite electrodes is regular power graphite electrode, use in regular power electric arc furnace.
200mm graphite electrodes structure drawing:
200mm graphite electrodes structure drawing
RP graphite electrodes are used in electric arc furnace (EAF) and ladle furnace (LF) for steel production, ferroalloy production, silicon metal production and smelting processes. RP graphite electrode using ordinary grade petroleum coke, the graphitization temperature is low, the graphite electrode produced has high resistivity, large linear expansion coefficient, and poor thermal shock resistance, so the allowable current density is low. Suitable for crude steel smelting. 200mm RP graphite electrode is used in small arc furnace, this type of arc furnace has been rarely used.
Graphite electrode types:
graphite electrodes current
RP graphite electrode production cycle of 2 months, ultra high power graphite electrode production cycle of 3 months.
200mm graphite electrodes technology parameters:
200mm graphite electrodes technology parameters
RP 200mm graphite electrode price
RP 450mm graphite electrode price
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DAN CARBON is a professional manufacturer, specilizing in the field of graphite electrode. With various products, the specifications of graphite electrode ranges from 200 mm to 700 mm diameter. Our RP graphite electrodes have various specifications, These products always have three types of length, including 1800 mm, 2100 mm and 2400mm. If user has special requirements, please contact us.