Raw Material & Calcining

Needle coke purchased from Phillips 66,Mizushima andMitsubishi Chemical, and high-quality domestic low sulphurpetroleum coke from the cities of Daging and Fushun, and coatar pitch from ANSTEEL and BX STEEL, which are selected asthe raw materials for Dantan electrodes. Dantan has 4 sets ofenergy-saving and environmentally tank calciners.

Mixing & Forming

Dantan has 5 sets of patented technology automaticbatching system,lset of vertical ramming andhorizontal foming 4100MT press, 2 sets of verticalramming and horizontal forming 3500MT press,1 setof 2500MToress,1 set of 1700MT press,1 set of vibra-tory compaction machine, and I set of mouldingpress.

Baking & Impregnation

Dantan has 3 sets of 36-chamber baking furnace, 1 setof 30-chamber baking furnace, 1 set of 18-chamber ringbaking furnace, 10 sets of carbottom furnace, 3 sets ofhigh-pressure horizontal impregnation system, and 4sets of tunnel kilns


Dantan has 2 sets of LWG furnace,1 set of Acheson graphitizationfur-nace.


Dantan has 4 sets of automaticelectrode CNC machining lines,3sets of automatic nipple CNCmachining lines and 1 set of automatic preset system.


Dantan has equipped withuniversal optical microscopefor machine tool inspection,and fina electrodes qualityinspection by using Japaneseand German ring gauges.