Top UHP graphite electrode manufacturers in china

By:Yvonne Sep 09, 2020
Top UHP graphite electrode manufacturers in china
At present, the main production enterprises of ultra-high power graphite electrode in China include Jilin Carbon, Fangda Carbon, DanCarbon Group (Dandong Xinxing Carbon), Kaifeng Carbon, Simm Donghai Carbon, etc. China's carbon industry has an annual output of 268991T in 2018, and its main specifications are ultra-high power graphite electrodes with diameters of 400~700mm.

At present, the main international manufacturers of ultra-high power graphite electrodes include UCAR of the United States, SGL of Germany, Tokai Carbon of Japan, Showa Denko and HEG of India, etc.
The physical and chemical indexes and other technical requirements stipulated in the standard of "YB/T 4090-2015 Ultra-high-power Graphite Electrode" are equivalent to those of IEC 60239-2005, and part of the tolerance requirements are higher than those of IEC 60239-2005.

The production of UHP graphite electrodes is a systematic project, in order to produce high quality UHP graphite electrodes, the first thing you need to choose a reasonable production process, the second is to choose the advanced and reliable production process scheme, then choose high quality raw material, on the other hand is to make a strict control of the production process each link, as far as possible using automatic control system, improve the level of production management.