Coal pitch market and Coal pitch price

By:Win Jan 21, 2021
Coal pitch is made by distillation of coal tar, Smelly, flammable, and poisonous.
Coal pitch meaning
Coal pitch is also called coal tar pitch, Produce coal tar from coal by dry distillation, Produce coal pitch from coal tar by distillation.
chemical structure models of pitch
(Chemical structure models of pitch)
Coal pitch market
At present, the coal pitch market is stable, the price continues to rise. The operating rate of coal asphalt enterprises is maintained at 55-60%, and the price of coal pitch is 2600-3200 yuan/ton. China's coal asphalt market is mainly stable, after a round of push up into a stable stage. The main reason is that many production enterprises stop production for maintenance, affecting the supply of coal pitch market, leading to the rise of coal pitch prices.
2015-2019 Global coal pitch production value
(2015-2019 Global coal pitch production value)
Coal pitch production process
Coal pitch is the residue of coal tar distillation. It can be divided into low-temperature asphalt (softening temperature 30-75℃), medium-temperature asphalt (softening temperature 75-95℃), high-temperature asphalt (softening temperature 95-120℃) and modified asphalt (softening temperature 105-120℃).
Coal pitch production process
Coal tar pitch is currently produced from coal tar, which is a byproduct of high temperature coking of coal in the manufacture of metallurgical coke. The tar predominantly contains a mixture of bi- and poly-condensed aromatic hydrocarbons and also compounds with heteroatoms in rings (predominantly nitrogen bases from the quinoline and acridine series, 1 % to 2 %) and phenols (1 % to 2 %). Upon distillation, 8 % to 12 % of a naphthalene fraction, 5 % to 9 % of an absorption fraction, and 21 % to 26 % of an anthracene fraction, which boiled away to 360 deg ?, are separated. The residual part of the tar is the pitch which contains nonvolatile and low volatile substances, whose average yield is around 2 % of the coking coal charge used for high temperature carbonizing.
Coal pitch price
Coal pitch price
Coal pitch carbon fiber
Carbon fiber is a new high-strength, high-modulus fiber material with a carbon content of more than 95%. It has superior mechanical properties, its density is only about one-fourth of steel, and its tensile strength can reach 3 500 MPa. The above is 8 to 9 times that of steel. There are a wide range of raw materials for preparing carbon fiber, including methane, benzene vapor, ethane, man-made fibers and pitch. The most common ones are polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based carbon fiber, pitch-based carbon fiber and viscose-based carbon fiber.
Coal pitch carbon fiber has light weight, low density, strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is widely used in ultra-high thermal conductivity materials, aviation aircraft manufacturing, new building reinforcement materials, automotive component materials, and sports goods , Wind power and other fields.
Pitch carbon fiber refers to a kind of carbon fiber prepared by raw material preparation, melt spinning, pre-oxidation, carbonization, graphitization, and carbon fiber post-treatment using materials rich in fused ring aromatic hydrocarbons such as coal pitch and petroleum pitch.
Coal pitch solvent
A volatile solvent mixture obtained from the distillation of coal tar. Coal tar solvent is the lower-boiling fraction (145-180 C) of the neutral portion of the oil. It contains lightweight aromatic hydrocarbons, like benzene, toluene and xylene. Coal tar solvent is used industrially in the manufacture of polymers and for cleaning metals.