Needle coke prices chart and trend 2021

By:Win Mar 29, 2021
Needle coke prices trend 2021
Needle coke types include oil series and coal series. It is mainly used to produce high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes.

Needle coke Market

Affected by the epidemic, European and American companies have stopped production and reduced production of needle coke, and China’s needle coke has filled these gaps. International needle coke prices rose slightly.
As of December 25, the price of Oil needle coke: US$500-850/ton for raw coke and US$1100-1200/ton for cooked coke (Graphite electrode material). The price of coal needle coke is $600-800USD/T.

Graphite electrode prices

According to graphite electrode supplier data, graphite electrode prices tend to fall between the $2,000-3,000/Ton range.
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Needle coke prices today

♦ Needle coke prices 29/3/2021
Needle coke prices 29/3/2021
♦ Needle coke prices 28/1/2021
Needle coke prices 28/1/2021
♦ Needle coke prices 7/1/2021
Needle coke prices