Petroleum pitch market and Petroleum pitch price

By:Win Jan 20, 2021
Petroleum pitch is the residue after the distillation of crude oil, It is mainly used for road construction materials, raw materials and fuels.

Petroleum pitch market

Of the 1,500 types of crude oil produced globally, only 260 are suitable for the manufacture of petroleum bitumen, which can be expanded to more than 600 by coordinating oxidation production processes. Most of this crude oil is produced in the United States, the Middle East and the Caribbean, Russia.
Petroleum pitch process
Gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc. are distilled from crude oil under normal pressure. Then, after distillation under reduced pressure (10~100mmHg), when the remaining residue meets the road asphalt specifications, asphalt products can be directly produced, which is the main method for producing road asphalt.

Petroleum pitch properties

Petroleum pitch has good anti-corrosion, waterproof and insulating properties and is used in coatings, plastics, rubber and construction materials industries.
1. Good adhesion
The viscosity of petroleum asphalt is related to temperature. When the temperature increases, the viscosity decreases, and the temperature drops, the viscosity increases. The asphaltene content of the ground is higher, but also contains a proper amount of resin, so the viscosity is larger.
2. Waterproof
Because of its dense structure, petroleum asphalt is insoluble in water. It is widely used in the construction of moisture-proof, waterproof material.
3. The corrosion resistance
Petroleum asphalt for general acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids and gases have a certain ability of corrosion resistance, can be widely used in corrosion resistance requirements of the floor, foundation, pool, ditch and metal structure rust treatment.
4. Plastic
The ability of petroleum bitumen to deform without destruction under external forces. At room temperature, asphalt can adapt to the use of building requirements, vibration and impact has a certain ability to absorb, in the production of cracks, its unique viscoplastic healing.
5. Temperature stability
Temperature stability refers to the viscosity and plasticity of petroleum asphalt with temperature rise and fall change performance. Usually with the change of temperature, the viscosity of bitumen with a small range of change, its temperature stability is better.
6. Atmospheric stability
Petroleum asphalt has good aging resistance under the action of atmospheric factors.

Petroleum pitch composition

Petroleum pitch is mainly composed of oil, gum and asphaltene. Because the chemical composition of asphalt is complex, it is difficult to analyze the composition, and its chemical composition cannot reflect the difference in asphalt properties, so the chemical analysis of asphalt is generally not done.

Petroleum pitch density

The density of petroleum asphalt is not fixed, the density range is: 1g/cm³-1.1g/cm³.

Petroleum pitch price

The price of petroleum asphalt fluctuates with the price of crude oil in the market. According to petroleum pitch supplier data, graphite electrode prices tend to fall between the ¥2,000-3,500/Ton range ($300~550 USD/Ton).

(2019~2021 Petroleum pitch price trend chart)

Petroleum pitch suppliers

Pasargad Oil
Marathon Oil
Gazprom Neft PJSC
Suncor Energy
Ko? Holding
Husky Energy