Pitch coke market and Pitch coke price

By:Win Jan 07, 2021
Pitch coke is made by coking coal pitch in a coke oven at high temperature (1100℃), It is different from petroleum pitch.

Pitch coke meaning

Pitch coke is a solid residue produced by high-temperature dry distillation or delayed coking of coal pitch. It is a low-sulfur, low-ash coke. It is produced by direct coking in a coking oven with coal tar pitch as raw material. It can also be produced by delayed coking at a temperature above 1100°C. Pitch coke is used to produce high-grade cast iron, such as nodular cast iron and carbon product raw materials.

Pitch coke market

Pitch coke is mainly divided into raw coke and calcined coke. In 2019, calcined coke accounted for a larger share of the global revenue market, about 77.96%.
Pitch coke is needed to produce graphite electrodes and anode materials. In 2019, graphite electrode production has the highest consumption of pitch coke, accounting for about 73.90% of the global total.
China has the largest capacity of pitch coke. In 2019, the pitch coke produced in China accounted for about 48.90% of the global total, followed by Japan (30.37%) and South Korea (10.67%).

Pitch coke hs code

HS code: 2708200090

Pitch coke price

Pitch coke price trend 2020~2021
Pitch coke price trend 2020~2021

Pitch coke specification

YBT 5299-2009 Pitch Coke Standard
Technical index of pitch coke
Technical index of pitch coke

Top 5 pitch coke manufacturers

C-Chem, Mitsubishi Chemical, Shaanxi Coal, Chemical Industry Group, PMC Tech, Baowu Carbon. They are the top 5 producers in the global market. In 2019, they together accounted for approximately 61.81% of revenue share.