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What is an Electric Arc Furnace? Electric Arc Furnace Make Steel Process

Jul 22, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Yvonne
What is an Electric Arc Furnace? Electric Arc Furnace Make Steel Process
What is an Electric Arc Furnace?
An electric arc furnace (EAF) is a type of metallurgical furnace which makes use of an electrical arc to heat the material, mostly metal ore or scrap metal in the production of steel. Metallurgical Furnaces can be heated with different heat sources but in the EAF unlike than the induction steel furnace, the charged metal is directly heated by the electrical arc and with the electric current running from the furnace’s terminals through the charged material. The furnace consists of the following basic parts: Shell, Hearth, Retractable roof.
The electrode support, electric system, furnace transformer and tilting table is separate from the furnace.
How does an Electric Arc Furnace Make Steel?
The process of steelmaking in an EAF is very straightforward and consists of a few basic steps:
1. The furnace is charged with the material
2. The roof is lowered and closed
3. Electrodes are lowered onto the material to form the arc between the material and the electrodes
4. Arc is struck at a lower voltage which is thereafter increased to speed up the melting process. The arc heats the material to a molten state
5. While melting takes place the refining process starts with the oxidising of certain elements

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