what are the advantages of arc furnace? Such furnaces have the four following advantages

By:Yvonne Aug 26, 2020
Such furnaces have the four following advantages
Such furnaces have the four following advantages:
● Low Metal Losses:
Since furnace chamber is closed and a reducing atmosphere above the metal is produced due to carbon arc, therefore, metal losses due to oxidation and volatilisation are quite low.
● Economical:
Melting is rapid and takes place in a completely closed chamber resulting in small heat losses and low power consumption. Higher production rate gives low labour costs resulting in lower overall production cost per tonne of molten metal.
● Sound Castings:
The agitation produced by the rocking action of the furnace and the absence of combustion gases ensure products free from blow holes, inclusion and segregations. Higher pouring temperature may readily be attained. Thus sound castings in thin and intricate designs can be produced.
● Flexible:
Single furnace is capable of handling small or large heat of widely differing analysis. Interchangeable furnace shells can be used for different alloys and can be substituted in a few minutes.