How to figure power in an Electric Arc Furnace

By:Win May 08, 2021
The International Iron and Steel Association stipulates that 100~200 kVA/t is low power, 201~400kVA/t is medium power, 401~700 kVA/t is high power, 701~1000 kVA/t is ultra-high power arc furnace. It is generally believed that the arc furnace below 50t is small arc furnace, and 50~100t is medium arc furnace. More than 100t for large arc furnace.
How to figure power in an Electric Arc Furnace?
The working principle of electric arc furnace is that electric energy is converted into thermal energy of electric arc, which needs reasonable power supply.  The following is the calculation formula of arc furnace operation parameters:

Electricity such as arc power, total circuit power, power factor and arc current value in steel-making electric arc furnace affect each other.
Some characteristic quantities of the electric arc furnace, such as Pa, Q, Ph, cosᵠ value, etc., change value with the current I, and draw the corresponding curve, these curves are the electric arc furnace power characteristic curve:
typical power curvefor electric arc furnace