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The ladle furnace is to refine the molten steel melted in the primary furnace (electric arc furnace, open-hearth furnace, converter). The working principle of the ladle furnace is similar to that of the electric arc furnace. The graphite electrode is energized to generate an electric arc to heat and melt steel.
ladle furnace images
(ladle furnace images)

Ladle furnace Wikipedia

The ladle furnace is mainly composed of ladle, furnace cover, arc heating system, vacuum system and charging device. The ladle arc refining furnace is an out-of-furnace refining technology that uses electric arc heating under vacuum conditions. It puts the molten steel initially smelted in a general steelmaking furnace in a special ladle for refining. This technology was first developed in 1971 by Daido Steel Co., Ltd. of Japan. Ladle furnaces are widely used in industry, steel and metallurgy industries.

Ladle furnace slag

The slag added in the ladle furnace has good desulfurization and adhesion to non-metallic inclusions in steel, will not corrode the ladle lining, has a relatively low melting point and heat capacity, generally use alkaline slag with good air permeability. Many steel mill slag is composed of lime and fluorite (CaO, 70~75%: CaF225~30%). It can ensure that the desulfurization rate of molten steel reaches 30-40%.

Ladle furnace power consumption

The power consumption of the ladle refining furnace is divided into three levels: Level 1 is ≤100 kW·h/t, level 2 is >100~115 kW·h/t, and level 3 is >115~135 kW·h/t.
Bk——Comparable unit consumption, Unit: kW·h/t.
Wz——Total power consumption during the statistical period,Unit: kW·h.
G——Total qualified molten steel weight during the statistical period,Unit: t.

Ladle furnace operation

ladle furnace operation
(ladle furnace operation)
When the temperature of molten steel before refining is less than the target removal temperature, and the temperature is raised twice, the cycle is 44min. When the temperature of molten steel before refining is greater than or equal to the target removal temperature, and the second temperature rise is not required, the cycle is 35 minutes when.

Deep desulfurization operation:

Deep desulfurization operation

Ladle furnace refractory

Ladle furnace refractory
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