How much does an electric arc furnace cost? electric arc furnace cost

By:Win Oct 27, 2020
How much does an electric arc furnace cost? electric arc furnace cost
The price of electric arc furnace is divided into several hundred thousand ~ several million RMB according to the smelting size, and a complete set of 20-ton steelmaking electric arc furnace system is about 3 million RMB.
Electric arc furnace cost
Electric arc furnace requires a set of systems such as transformers, water cooling systems, etc. The furnace body of arc furnace is composed of furnace cover, furnace door, steel outlet slot and furnace body. It is divided into ordinary power arc furnace, high power arc furnace and ultra high power arc furnace according to transformer capacity.
Electric arc furnace production cost per ton of steel: scrap steel ¥2555+ graphite electrode ¥127.5 + electricity consumption cost ¥333.62+ steelmaking fuel cost ¥62.237 + auxiliary alloy cost ¥121.86 + rolling cost ¥129.75 + worker wage ¥47.6 = total cost ¥3439.2. The market sales price of steel, excluding tax, is ¥4000 per ton, and the total production cost is ¥3439.2. The gross profit is ¥560.8.Environmental protection, taxes and financial expenses are deducted by ¥200. The net profit basically can reach 260 yuan.
How much does an electric arc furnace cost?
An electric arc furnace system requires the following equipment:
Furnace body
Tubular water-cooled furnace cover
Tilting furnace device
Furnace cover lifting rotary device
Electrode lifting mechanism
The hydraulic system
Cooling water distributor
Furnace transformer
High voltage
Low voltage electrical control and automation system
Random spare parts
electric arc furnace cost
Electric arc furnace capital cost
A new 80 ton continuous production Consti horizontal feeding ultra high power electric furnace with a total cost of approximately $50 million:
1. Construction cost of new factory building
2. Consti continuous feeding system
3. Main equipment of electric arc furnace (newly installed electric furnace is generally between 75-120 tons, not much more than 100 tons)
4. Main equipment of refining furnace (basically matching with arc furnace)
5. Continuous casting equipment
6. Dust removal system
7. Waterway system;
8. Power auxiliary system.
The above eight items basically cover the entire production system of arc furnace. For rolling system is not capital investment, basically can use old equipment. The construction cycle of half a year to build an annual output of 1 million tons of electric furnace steelmaking production enterprises.