What is the difference between electric arc furnace and induction furnace?

By:Win Oct 28, 2020
What is the difference between electric arc furnace and induction furnace?
Electric arc furnace uses electric arc generated by electrified electrode to melt metal and ore, while induction furnace uses electrified induction coil to heat and melt metal.

Electric arc furnace

Arc furnace steelmaking needs to produce arc heating through graphite electrode to melt metal, and the arc heat generated by electrode discharge is concentrated. The arc temperature is above 3000°C, with fast melting speed and high production efficiency. Besides, the arc furnace occupies a small area and is energy-saving and environmental friendly. It can remove sulfur, phosphorus and other impurities, furnace temperature easy to control.

Induction furnace

Induction furnace is a kind of electric heating equipment which USES the induction current to generate heat in the process of flowing in goods.
Put the item in the sensor, when a certain frequency of alternating current passes through the sensor, due to electromagnetic induction, the item surface layer produces the same alternating frequency as in the sensor. But the current is induced in the opposite direction. This induced current forms a closed loop along the surface of the part called an eddy current. Under the action of eddy current and the resistance of the part itself, the electric energy is transformed into heat energy in the surface layer of the part. Heat the surface of the item.

What is the difference between electric arc furnace and induction furnace?

1. Induction furnace heating is faster than arc furnace, heat is generated inside the charge (molten steel). After the melting of the furnace charge, the heat of the arc needs to be transferred to molten steel through slag, which belongs to indirect heating with poor thermal efficiency. Moreover, the furnace is in the shape of a basin, and a large part of the heat of the arc is dissipated through the cover and wall of the furnace.
2. The removal capacity of sulfur, phosphorus and deoxidation of arc furnace is stronger than that of induction furnace. Induction furnace is cold slag, while arc furnace is hot slag. The nitrogen content of eAF steel is higher than that of induction furnace.
3. The harvest rate of alloy elements smelted by induction furnace is higher than that of arc furnace, because elements volatilize and oxidation loss are high under high arc temperature.
4. Induction furnace steelmaking is more in line with environmental protection requirements, while arc furnace steelmaking produces a lot of waste gas, waste residue and noise, and has high energy consumption
5 induction furnace is the use of induction current heating principle to melt metal, will not increase carbon element in molten steel, but the smelted steel contains many impurities, steel impure. The graphite electrode is used to melt the metal through arc heating. The graphite electrode is finally consumed into the liquid steel to increase the carbon content.
6. Induction furnace is superior to arc furnace in the process of electromagnetic stirring liquid steel.
7. Induction furnace smelting has better control over temperature, time and stirring intensity than arc furnace.
8. Induction furnace size is small, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises steelmaking. Electric arc furnace has large capacity, large scale and high production efficiency.