Who invented the electric arc furnace? types of electric arc furnace and electric arc furnace price

By:Win Oct 27, 2020
Who invented the electric arc furnace? types of electric arc furnace and electric arc furnace price
Arc furnace can be divided into 3 types according to power: Regular Power, high power and ultra high power arc furnace.

Who invented the electric arc furnace?

In 1888~1892, Paul Heroult invented industrial direct smelting arc furnace by using electrode arc high temperature instead of coal combustion heating smelting. At first, eAF was only used in the production of calcium carbide and ferroalloy. By 1906, eAF was developed to make steel, leading to large-scale recycling of scrap steel.
In 1960, Dr. W.e. Schwabe of the United States advocated that electric furnaces be equipped with large-capacity transformers. Compared with the ordinary electric arc furnaces, because of the input of high-density current and the increase of power, the production efficiency was improved, and electric furnaces were turned into large-scale steelmaking production.
In 1971, Japan Datong Special Steel Company developed the furnace refining method, according to the function of the arc furnace in two electric furnaces, namely melting furnace and refining furnace. Subsequently, due to the popularity of ladle refining, the ladle can be heated in the reduction period moved to LF (gas stirring), ASEA-SKF(induction stirring) ladle refining furnace. The furnace can then be used for melting and oxidation refining. Therefore, at present, many converter steelmaking plants also added ladle refining equipment, using the furnace refining, chemical composition and temperature precise control.
In 1980, the steel industry divided the steelmaking eAF into three categories according to the transformer capacity per ton of furnace capacity: ordinary power electric furnace (RP furnace), high power electric furnace (HP furnace) and ultra-high power electric furnace (UHP furnace).
After 1980, large electric arc furnaces were built, and their transformer capacity was above 550 kVA/ T. The transformer capacity of unit furnace capacity of some newly built steelmaking electric furnaces reaches more than 800 kVA, and individual electric furnaces reach 1000-1200 kVA. The transformer capacity per ton of furnace capacity is enlarged by electric furnace steelmaking. After using HP and UHP operation technology, the input electric power is high and the smelting time is shortened. However, since the initial operation is a high-current short-arc operation, the consumption of graphite electrode will increase, and the cost will increase a little.

Types of electric arc furnace

There are many classification methods for eAF equipment:
1) According to the properties of lining refractory, it is divided into acidic electric furnace and alkaline electric furnace.
2) According to the positions of furnace and transformer, it can be divided into left operation electric furnace and right operation electric furnace (contrary to Japan).
3) According to the current characteristics are divided into: AC electric furnace, DC electric furnace.
4) According to the power level, it can be divided into: regular electric furnace, high power electric furnace and ultra-high power electric furnace.
5) According to the waste steel preheating is divided into: shaft furnace, double shell furnace, charging continuous preheating electric furnace, etc.
6) According to the way of steel output, it can be divided into: trough steel outlet electric furnace, partial B bottom outlet steel (EBT) electric furnace, etc.
7) According to the form of bottom electrode, it can be divided into: touch needle air cooling DC electric Shanghai, conductive furnace bottom air cooling and steel rod water cooling DC electric furnace.
8) According to the displacement of furnace cover and furnace body, it can be divided into: furnace body open type electric furnace, furnace cover open type and furnace cover rotary furnace.

Electric arc furnace price

Electric arc furnace price
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