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How to make graphite electrodes? Graphite electrode production process

Aug 17, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Yvonne
How to make graphite electrodes?
Graphite electrode is an important high-temperature conductive material for steelmaking in arc furnace. It USES the excellent and special physical and chemical properties of graphite electrode to input electric energy into electric furnace through graphite electrode, and USES the high temperature caused by electric arc between electric extreme part and charge as heat source to melt the charge for steelmaking. Graphite electrodes are also used as conductive materials in other mineral furnaces for smelting yellow phosphorus, industrial silicon, abrasives and other materials. Graphite electrodes production process:

Graphite electrode production process
1. raw material
Graphite electrode is made of high quality calcined needle coke.
2. Medium crushing and sieving
The needle coke is broken in the machine and sifted, then proportioned according to the recipe requirements.
3. Kneading
After batching, the raw material is mixed with certain proportion of asphalt by heating and kneading to make a plastic paste.
4. Pressed
After mixing and kneading, the paste is cooled to the process temperature and then pressed into the press according to the product specifications.
5. The roasting
In the roasting furnace, the "raw embryo" electrode is roasted to the specified temperature according to the technological requirements, and the roasted product is impregnated with special impregnated asphalt according to the specific technological process to improve the product density and mechanical strength, and then the impregnated product is re-roasted to improve the product performance.
6. Graphitization
The secondary roasted products are electrified in the graphitized resistance furnace and heated to 3000℃, so that the carbon atom structure is rearranged in a specific crystal form, and the carbon is converted into graphite.
How to make graphite electrodes? Graphite electrode production process

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