When using graphite electrodes, why should steel mills prevent multiple products from mixing?

By:Yvonne Aug 21, 2020
When using graphite electrodes, why should steel mills prevent multiple products from mixing?
Graphite electrode uses in steel mills
Graphite electrodes used in steel mills are often supplied by many manufacturers. If many products are mixed in steelmaking, it will be difficult for steel mills to make statistics on consumption of individual products.
At the same time, because of the different raw materials and manufacturing processes adopted by each manufacturer, the physical and chemical properties and processing tolerances of the electrodes and joints of each manufacturer are different. This is the case. Therefore, the matching tolerance produced in the mixed use can easily lead to the phenomenon of electrodes falling off and breaking.
The correct way is to use the products of one manufacturer alone, and then continue the products of another manufacturer after the end. To reduce the number of electrodes replaced by different manufacturer, the electrodes of the same manufacturer should use the matching contacts with the manufacturer. Prevent mixing.
In addition, the use of graphite electrode is selected according to transformer power. Not all eAF furnaces need to use ultra-high power electrode, and many existing independent EAF enterprises only need to use high-power electrode. Electrodes are used not only in arc furnaces, but also in LF refining furnaces (ladles).
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