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What is the antioxidant coated graphite electrode?

Aug 27, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Yvonne
antioxidant coated graphite electrode
Anti-oxidation coated graphite electrode is a closed antioxidant that is coated with ultra-high temperature resistance on the surface of the graphite electrode.
• The anti-oxidation coating can effectively isolate the furnace gas, avoid direct contact between the furnace gas and the surface of the electrode substrate, reduce the oxidation consumption on the side of the graphite electrode, and reduce the consumption of graphite electrode per ton of steel.
• The main components of the anti-oxidation coating are aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, calcium oxide, etc., which are similar to steel slag and will not have any effect on molten steel; it has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, strong adhesion, and thermal shock resistance. Good and other advantages.
antioxidant coated graphite electrode
For example, the steelmaking plant has 1 million tons of molten steel per year and 0.5kg/t per ton of steel electrode consumption. After coating with anti-oxidation coating, 100 tons of electrodes per year can be saved.
antioxidant coated graphite electrode
Graphite electrode anti-oxidation coating reduces graphite electrode consumption by about 20%, reduces electricity consumption per ton of steel, improves production efficiency, reduces the number of electrode connections, and increases safety factor.

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