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Needle coke price chart and index, needle coke hs code

Aug 31, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Yvonne
Needle coke is mainly used to manufacture ultra-high power graphite electrodes and special carbon products, and is an important material for the development of new electric furnace steelmaking technologies.
Needle coke price chart
From January to May 2020, the price of China's needle coke market showed a weak downward trend. As of May 20, China's needle coke electrode coke market price index was 7594, which was stable compared with the same period last week, and was 4.64% lower than the same period last month. A decrease of 24.25%; the negative coke market price index was 6,250, which was stable from the same period last week, down 4.00% from the same period last month, and 16.67% from the beginning of the year.
Needle coke price chart
Needle coke price index
As of May, the domestic coal-based needle coke price is 5000-6500 yuan/ton, the oil-based needle coke price is 6000-7500 yuan/ton, and the green coke price is about 4500-6500 yuan/ton; in terms of imported coke prices, The coal-based needle coke is 680-1300 US dollars/ton, the oil-based needle coke is 1400-1800 US dollars/ton, and the negative coke price is 1000-1200 US dollars/ton.
Needle coke hs code
Needle coke hs code
The price of needle coke fluctuates greatly with the market, please consult the price of needle coke suppliers.

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