Graphite electrode china news and china graphite electrode production

By:Yvonne Sep 02, 2020
Graphite electrode china news and china graphite electrode production
DanCarbon is one of the Chinese graphite electrode brands, Very familiar with China's graphite electrode market.

Graphite electrode china news

News about China's graphite electrodes that a new carbon plant is put into production almost every month.
• The status quo of China's carbon industry is a sudden outbreak caused by years of downturn. From 2009 to 2016, the carbon industry suffered losses year after year. However, since the beginning of 2017, some major types of carbon products have been in short supply to varying degrees, and prices have risen, especially graphite electrodes. Obviously, it quickly changed from a buyer's market to a seller's market.
• China's iron and steel industry cut production capacity, cracked down on "floor steel", and strictly controlled environmental protection indicators. Some intermediate frequency furnaces were changed to electric furnaces, resulting in a substantial increase in the demand for graphite electrodes for steelmaking
• The state adopts emission reduction to control smog, and environmental protection supervision has become more stringent, broader and more vigorous. The production of carbon companies has been affected, resulting in a substantial decrease in the actual output of carbon products.
• With severe overcapacity, in the extremely fierce market competition, some of the companies that have collapsed may not be the industry. The carbon industry has been reshuffled. With the continuous release of new capacity in the carbon industry, oversupply has intensified, vicious competition has intensified, sales prices have continued to fall, and losses have continued to expand. It is expected that in 2020, some companies will be forced to suspend production because they cannot bear the losses or the capital chain is broken, and the reshuffle will gradually appear.

Graphite electrode manufacturer china

According to data released by the China Carbon Association, Fangda Carbon ranked first in the current capacity of graphite electrode companies in 2018, followed by Jilin Carbon, DanCarbon and Kaifeng Carbon.
Graphite electrode manufacturer china
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China graphite electrode production

China's first graphite electrode company was founded in 1952, completed and put into production in 1955, and then basically produced ordinary power graphite electrodes in 1981. Although Chinese graphite electrode companies started late, they have developed rapidly. A large number of advanced companies represented by Sinosteel Jilin Carbon and Fangda Carbon have reached or approached the international level of similar products, and the production technology and research and development level have been achieved. A great improvement. In 1981, the high-power graphite electrode was successfully developed and mass production began.
In the early 1990s, he began to master the production technology of large-size and large-diameter UHP graphite electrodes representing the international advanced level. In 1996, my country's first φ700mm UHP graphite electrode was successfully tested.
In 1997, the φ600mm UHP graphite electrode was successfully tested and put into mass production. In recent years, φ700mmUHP graphite electrodes have begun to be used in furnace tests and have achieved good results. It is expected to quickly replace imports. φ800mmUHP graphite electrodes have begun trial production.
Total production of graphite electrodes from 1981 to 2011
Total production of graphite electrodes from 1981 to 2011

Graphite electrode export from china

In December 2018, China exported 25,700 tons of graphite electrodes, a growth rate of 26.58% compared with the same period last year, and a month-on-month growth rate of 3.91%. From January to December 2018, China's cumulative export of graphite electrodes was 283,300 tons, a growth rate of 41.04% compared with the same period last year.
2011-2018 monthly export volume chart of graphite electrodes
Chart of monthly export quantity of graphite electrode from 2011 to 2018

Graphite electrode demand in china

By 2020, the demand for graphite electrodes in China's steel market is expected to reach 502,600 tons. However, since 2017, the graphite electrode industry's production capacity has expanded rapidly, and it is expected that China's graphite electrode supply will also reach its peak in 2019-2020.

China graphite electrode capacity

In 2017, China had an effective Graphite Electrode capacity of 900,000 tonne and a production capacity of 630,000 tonne. It produced almost 700,000 tonne of Graphite Electrode.Statistics maintained by the China Carbon Industry Association (CCIA) reveal that by December 2018, the newly-added Graphite Electrode capacity in China was 600,000 tonne. From Jan to Aug’18, Graphite Electrode output in China was 416,392 tonne, up 14.18% on a Y-o-Y basis. By 2020, production and sales of Graphite Electrodes in the country will not exceed 800,000 tonne which will be less than the total capacity of 1.5 MnT, thus resulting in overcapacity.

China graphite electrode companies

China graphite electrode companies mainly include: Fangda, Jilin, DanCarbon, Kaifeng, Datong, Sanli, Nantong, etc.
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