Scrap graphite electrode recovery and price

By:Yvonne Sep 09, 2020
Scrap graphite electrode recovery and price
Scrap graphite electrodes prices also change with market conditions, scrap graphite electrodes can be used in processing graphite products.

Scrap graphite electrode recovery

In the production of graphite electrodes, there will be some defective products, such as broken graphite electrodes, cracked graphite electrodes, etc., so they have to be disposed of and can be used in graphite products factories to process graphite parts.
1) Graphite products have excellent characteristics such as high-strength acid resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance of 3000℃ and low temperature resistance of -204℃, and are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, high energy physics, aerospace, electronics, etc.
2) Graphite products have strong anti-oxidation and reduction effects:
After the graphite mattress is heated, negative oxygen ions can be generated to activate the surrounding objects, maintain human health, effectively prevent aging, and make the skin full of luster and elasticity.
3) Graphite products are environmentally friendly and healthy, no radioactive pollution, high temperature resistance:
Carbon has to undergo at least a dozen days and nights of graphitization in a high temperature environment of 2000-3300 degrees to become graphite. Therefore, the toxic and harmful substances in graphite have long been released and are stable at least within 2000 degrees.
graphite baking pan, graphite pot
4) Graphite products have good thermal conductivity, fast heat transfer, uniform heating, and fuel saving:
Baking pans and pans made of graphite heat up quickly, and the cooked food is evenly heated, cooked from the inside to the outside, and the heating time is short, not only the taste is pure, but also the original nutrients of the food can be locked. We have done experiments. When using a graphite grill to grill the meat, the induction cooker can be preheated in only 20-30 seconds when it is heated to a high fire. When starting to cook food, it can be used to save energy.

Scrap graphite electrode price

The ultra-high power graphite electrode dropped from the historical peak of 160,000 yuan/ton to 48,000 yuan/ton. The price of waste graphite electrodes has fallen in a roller coaster style, from the historical peak of 26,400 yuan/ton to 6000 yuan/ton.