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Graphite electrode lifting plug and graphite electrode torque wrench

Sep 14, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Yvonne
Graphite electrode lifting plug and graphite electrode torque wrench
Use of graphite electrodes
need professional tools, graphite electrode lifting plug , graphite electrode torque wrench and graphite electrode for sinker.
Graphite electrode lifting plug
Graphite electrode lifting plug is a necessary tool for electrode installation, provide professional tools to ensure safety during the process of transporting graphite electrodes and hoisting graphite electrodes, avoid accidental breakage, thread injury due to vibration, improper installation, and the risk of scrapping the graphite electrode during the hoisting process.
Graphite electrode torque wrench
Torque wrench is a Special tool for electrode rotation should be used during rotation, Torque applied during electrode rotation should be appropriate, and operation should be continuous. Torque too small will cause joint thermal loosening. Torque too large will cause hole bracing of electrode joint. Do not tighten or loosen too tightly. If the end contact is found to be cleared after tightening, it must be removed and cleaned before re-spinning.
Graphite electrode torque wrench
Graphite electrode for sinker.
Adjust the height of the graphite electrode so that an arc is generated and maintained at the bottom of the electrode until the scrap steel melts. The graphite electrode lifting device, the column is installed on the base, the casing is installed on the column, the horizontal arm is fixed on the casing, the horizontal arm is equipped with a graphite electrode clamp, the motor is installed with a steel rope wheel, and the steel rope on the steel rope guide wheel is connected to the casing.

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