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Graphite electrode sizes and temperature, graphite electrode redox reaction

Sep 14, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Yvonne
Graphite electrode sizes and temperature, graphite electrode redox reaction
Graphite electrode size diameter 200-700mm, graphite melting point is 3850 ℃, graphite electrode is a high temperature resistant conductive material.
Graphite electrode sizes
The sizes of the graphite electrode is between 200~800mm. Generally, the graphite electrode is inserted into the electric arc furnace through three end-to-end connections.
uhp graphite electrodes structure drawing
Graphite Electrode is composed of body and nipple.
Graphite electrode sizes data sheet:
Nominal Diameter of Graphite Electrode
Graphite electrode temperature
The surface temperature of the graphite electrode when working in the refining furnace is about 1500 degrees. As the temperature in the furnace rises to the melting point of graphite, it is sublimated and consumed.
The relationship between the mechanical strength of graphite electrodes and temperature:
From room temperature to 2500°C, the mechanical strength of graphite electrodes increases with the increase in temperature. At 2500°C, the mechanical strength is about 1-2 times that of normal temperature.

Represents the curve of the mechanical strength of graphite electrodes using petroleum coke as the raw material with increasing temperature (0-1500°C).

Graphite electrode redox reaction
The electric arc furnace smelting in the steelmaking process can be divided into rough smelting and refining, but the graphite electrode transfers electric energy into the electric furnace and transforms it into heat energy to achieve the purpose of heating and melting the solid charge.
Rough smelting is an oxidation process with the purpose of melting scrap steel and exhausting harmful gases and impurities.
Refining is also a reduction process that adjusts the temperature of the steel element and degass and removes impurities.
Therefore, the electric arc furnace smelting is to use graphite electrodes to adjust the furnace temperature to realize the oxidation-reduction reaction and meet the steelmaking process requirements.

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