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300mm and 350mm graphite electrodes suppliers

Oct 22, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Win
300mm and 350mm graphite electrodes suppliers
300mm-350mm graphite electrode is a common specification, mainly used in 10-30 ton arc furnace.
Graphite electrodes
Graphite electrode is a high temperature resistant conductive graphite material. The graphite electrode is mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke. The production process of graphite electrode includes mixing, pressing, roasting, asphalt impregnation, reroasting, graphitization and mechanical processing. Graphite electrodes can conduct electric currents to form electric arcs, melting waste iron or other raw materials from blast furnaces to produce steel and other metal products, mainly used in the manufacture of steel. Graphite electrode is a kind of material with low resistivity and can withstand high temperature in arc furnace. The main characteristics of graphite electrode production are long production cycle (usually lasting three to five months), high power consumption and complex production process.
uhp electrode structure drawing
Graphite electrodes structure drawing

300mm graphite electrodes suppliers
There are many suppliers of 300mm graphite electrode, and many graphite electrode factories around the world can produce this type of electrode. Therefore, the price of 300mm graphite electrode is relatively cheap, and the supply quantity on the market is sufficient. Dancarbon graphite electrodes supply 200-700mm graphite electrodes. Quality assurance, affordable price.
350mm graphite electrodes suppliers
The same 350mm graphite electrode can be produced in many graphite electrode factories with sufficient supply on the market and production cycle of about three months. Dancarbon graphite electrodes should be booked a month in advance if available.
China graphite electrodes suppliers
In the past two years, more than 30 graphite electrode manufacturers have been added, and the total number of graphite electrode manufacturers in China has reached more than 40. Now the price of graphite electrodes has fallen all the way, and has returned to the original low price level. The main domestic graphite electrode manufacturers are: Fangda, Jilin Carbon, Dan Carbon, Kaifeng Carbon, Datong Carbon, Nantong Yangtze, etc.

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