China graphite electrode price chart & graphite electrode hs code

By:Win Jun 19, 2020
The HS code of the graphite electrode is 85451100, So let DanCarbon talk about China graphite electrode price chart, hs code for graphite electrode and Graphite electrode chemical formula.
1.China graphite electrode price chart
In 2020, the market price of graphite electrode in China has dropped significantly, with the price of ultra-high 550mm and 600mm graphite electrode dropping by 17% compared to the end of March and 60% compared to the same period in 2019. Chinese graphite electrode enterprises overall loss, can be said to be the history of the most serious loss. At present, the price of graphite electrode is basically close to the historical low, but the price of raw materials is relatively high at this stage, so the overall loss is quite serious.
Graphite electrode price chart
Graphite electrode price chart yuan/ton.
► Graphite electrode price today:
Graphite electrode price trend 2020,  The market price of graphite electrode is mainly declining. The following  graphite electrode price only for reference.
Click the link to see the price of graphite electrode: Graphite Electrode Price - Updating
2.Hs code for graphite electrode
Hs Code Description No of Shipments
8545 Carbon Electrodes, Carbon Brushes, Lamp Carbons, Battery Carbons And Other Articles Of Graphite Or Other Carbon, With O  
85451100   Of a kind used for furnaces 180

Other 45
85459090   Other 7
2504    Natural Graphite  
25049090   Other 7
3801   Artificial Graphite; Colloidal Or Semi-Colloidal Graphite; Preparations Based On Graphite Or Other Carbon In The Form P  
38011000   Artificial graphite 20
3.Graphite electrode chemical formula
graphite electrode formula: Graphite is simply an allotrope of carbon, and therefore only contains carbon atoms in its chemical formula.
The structure of graphite is as follows:

In graphite, unlike diamond each carbon atom is bonded to three other carbon atoms as shown in the figure. The hybridization of carbon is  and the geometry is trigonal planar. Graphite is made up of only carbon atoms.
Therefore, the chemical formula of graphite is C.
Graphite electrode chemical composition:
Graphitization is the use of thermal activation to orderly convert thermodynamically unstable carbon atoms from chaotic layer structure to graphite crystal structure. Therefore, in the process of graphitization, high temperature heat treatment (HTT) is used to provide energy for atomic rearrangement and structural transformation. In order to improve the graphitization degree of the non-graphitizable carbon materials, a method of adding a catalyst may also be used, which is called catalytic graphitization.
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