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What is a graphite electrode? Graphite electrode market and how much is a ton?

Jul 16, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Win
What is a graphite electrode? Graphite electrode market and how much is a ton?
The graphite electrode is simply understood as the heating rod used in the electric furnace to make steel, which plays the role of molten steel in the furnace.
1. What is a graphite electrode?
Graphite electrode is a kind of conductive material used in steelmaking electric furnace. It is a kind of conductive material resistant to high temperature graphite through calcination, batching, graphitization and mechanical processing, which is mainly composed of petroleum coke and asphalt coke and coal asphalt binder. It is also called artificial graphite electrode. Natural graphite electrodes are also found in nature, but very rarely.
Graphite electrode characteristics:
► high temperature resistance, can not melt in the furnace because of high temperature very early;
► Good stability, no deformation in the discharge process, stable chemical performance, and will not react with mixed raw materials in the furnace after being added;
► Good conductivity, less power consumption, good conductivity, saving electricity consumption per unit steelmaking;
2. Graphite electrode market
Graphite electrode market belongs to the metallurgical steel industry, is a carbon material enterprises a heat treatment of the main material; In the domestic steelmaking market, electric furnace steelmaking accounts for about 18% of the output of crude steel, while the graphite electrode used in electric furnace steelmaking accounts for 80%. In addition, for example, every ton of silicon needs to consume 100kg of graphite electrode, and every ton of yellow phosphorus needs 40kg of graphite electrode, so graphite electrode is increasingly needed in the metallurgical industry.
3. How much is a ton of graphite electrode?
Graphite electrode varies from thousands to tens of thousands of tons per ton of purity quality, there are also cheap 1000 or 2000, steelmaking quality requirements are higher than 10000 to 20000; The price of graphite electrode in different application scenarios is not the same. For more about graphite electrode, please pay attention to the electronic encyclopedia.

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