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By:Yvonne Jan 22, 2021
Graphite Electrodes PDF
We are a specializing in the field of RP (regular power), HP (high power) and UHP (ultra-high power) graphite electrodes, graphite blocks and special heterogeneous graphite and other carbon products development and production, with an annual capacity of 100,000 tons.
graphite electrode structure drawing
Graphite Electrodes are composed of rod and nipple
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Specifications for graphite electrodes
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► Description
Graphite electrodes are made of mixed needle coke and coal pitch, to be extruded, baked, impregnated, graphitized and machined for use as conductive material on EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) and LF (Ladle Furnace) for steelmaking.
In the steelmaking process, the EAF method recycles used iron scrap by melting it at a temperature of about 1600 ℃ in an electric arc furnace. Graphite electrodes, a kind of conductor, are an essential component in this kind of furnace.
► Applications
For AC Furnaces, they require 3 columns of graphite electrodes, and mostly use diameter from 400 to 700 mm (16-28 inch).
For DC Furnaces, they require 1 column of graphite electrodes, and the maximum diameter is up to 800 mm (22-32 inch).
For LF, they have a small capacity than DC Furnaces, and mostly use diameter from 200 to 450 mm (8-18 inch).
► Standards
IEC 60239 Graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces – Dimensions and designation
YB/T 4088 Graphite electrode
YB/T 4089 High power graphite electrode
YB/T 4090 Ultra high power graphite electrode
► Features
High current carrying capacity
High resistance to thermal shock
Outstanding flexural strength
High temperature resistance to oxidation
Low modulus of elasticity
Low coefficient of thermal expansion
► Graphite electrodes manufacturing process flow chart
 graphite electrode manufacturing process flow chart:
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