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700mm graphite electrode for steel making factory

Oct 21, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Win
700mm graphite electrode for steel making factory
700mm ultra-high power graphite electrode, due to its high technical content, extremely complex manufacturing process, the need to solve the technical problems in raw materials, production technology and other aspects
Graphite electrode
Graphite electrodes are made of needle coke and coal tar pitch through calcination, extrusion, impregnation, graphitization and mechanical processing.
graphite electrode structure drawing
It is composed of body and nipple.

Graphite electrodes performance
• High current carrying capacity
• High resistance to thermal shock
• Outstanding flexural strength
• High temperature resistance to oxidation
• Low modulus of elasticity
• Low coefficient of thermal expansion
700mm graphite electrode for steel making factory
Dancarbon mainly high power and ultra-high power graphite electrode products, Uhp graphite electrode products accounted for about 70% of the total output, specifications are mainly Φ 350-700mm.
700mm UHP graphite electrode used in high power electric arc furnace steelmaking, it has low resistivity, big volume density, high mechanical strength, small linear expansion coefficient and the characteristics of oxidation resistance optimal, can shorten the steelmaking time, increase production efficiency, lower power consumption and reduce the rate of graphite electrode consumption, its physical and chemical index is better than that of the RP, HP graphite electrode.
Early 700mm ultra-high power graphite electrode needs to be imported, In recent years, Dancarbon φ800mmUHP graphite electrodes have begun to be used in furnace tests and have achieved good results.
600mm ultra high power graphite electrode suppliers
More than 600mm in diameter is the electrode used in ultra-high power arc furnace of over 100 tons.
Diameter of Graphite Electrode (mm):
Nominal Diameter of Graphite Electrode
Although the price of graphite electrode has been declining, the UHP 600mm with high needle coke content is 21,000-23000 yuan/ton, and the price of UHP 500mm is about 18000 yuan/ton in china, and the above price is for reference only.

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