Chinese uhp graphite electrode and china uhp graphite electrode price

By:Yvonne Sep 24, 2020
chinese uhp graphite electrode and china uhp graphite electrode price
At present, the quality of China's ultra-high power graphite electrodes is comparable to that of Europe, America, Japan and Russia.
Chinese uhp graphite electrode
UHP graphite electrode main ingredient is high-value needle coke which is made from either petroleum or coal tar. It's used for the recycling of steel in the big electric arc furnace industry.
Graphite electrodes are machined into cylinders and threaded regions are machined at both ends. In this way, the graphite electrodes can be assembled into an electrode column using electrode nipple.

In recent years, Chinese graphite electrode manufacturers have invested a lot of energy in the research and development of ultra-high power graphite electrodes, and have been able to produce ultra-high power graphite electrodes with a diameter of 800 mm in small batches.
Local graphite electrode manufacturers in China include Fangda Carbon, Kaifeng Carbon, Dan Carbon, Jilin Carbon and so on.
DanCarbon's ultra-high power graphite electrodes with a diameter of 800mm have been tested and qualified in Japanese steel plants.
uhp graphite electrodes structure drawing
UHP graphite electrode data sheet:
UHP graphite electrode technical specification
China uhp graphite electrode price
Graphite Electrodes price evolution in the last ten years (2010 - 2020).
Graphite Electrode Price
Uhp electrode price
Unit:USD/MT, 2020.08.
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In 2020, the market price of graphite electrode in China has dropped significantly, with the price of ultra-high 550mm and 600mm graphite electrode dropping by 17% compared to the end of March and 60% compared to the same period in 2019. At present, the price of graphite electrode is basically close to the historical low, but the price of raw materials is relatively high at this stage, so suitable for ordering.
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