What are eaf electrode and eaf electrode price

By:Win May 13, 2021
eaf electrode
Due to the great change of electrode raw material price and long production cycle, the electrode price of all electric arc furnace changes very fast.
Eaf electrode
Electric arc furnace electrode is extended into the electric arc furnace as a conductive rod used. It converts electrical energy into heat and melts scrap steel.
Eaf electrode
Eaf electrode structure drawing
Eaf electrode types
Eaf electrode types
Eaf electrode uses
Eaf electrode uses
Eaf electrode price
According to statistics, the price of 450mm UHP graphite electrodes on the market in Juneis 3500~3800USD/T. The price of 600mm UHP graphite electrode is 4500~5000USD/T, up by 150 USD from last month. 700mm UHP graphite electrode price is 5100~5500USD/T.
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Eaf steelmaking
Electric arc-method steelmaking is the general method in steel production. The electric arc generated by the discharge between the graphite electrode and the metal charge is used to heat and melt the charge. More than 90% of the world's electric arc furnace steel is produced by EAF, and a small amount is produced by induction furnaces and electroslag furnaces.
1.The thermal efficiency of electric arc furnace steelmaking is as high as 65%, reducing energy waste.
2.The temperature below the electrode is as high as 3000℃, which can melt all kinds of metal charge.
3.Electric arc-method steelmaking is easy to adjust and control, which can smelt different steel grades.