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Electrode manufacturing companies

Sep 21, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Win
Electrode manufacturing companies
The output of graphite electrodes in China is close to 50% of the total global output. There are more than 40 graphite electrode manufacturing companies.
Electrode manufacturing companies
According to statistics, the output of China's graphite electrodes in 2018 was close to 50% of the world's total output, and China's graphite electrode exports accounted for 40% of the country's total output.
Although Chinese graphite electrode companies started late, they have developed rapidly. A large number of advanced companies represented by Sinosteel Jilin Carbon and Fangda Carbon have reached or approached the international level of similar products, and the production technology and research and development level have been achieved.
In 1996, my country's first φ700mm UHP graphite electrode was successfully tested.
In 1997, the φ600mm UHP graphite electrode was successfully tested and put into mass production. In recent years, φ700mmUHP graphite electrodes have begun to be used in furnace tests and have achieved good results. It is expected to quickly replace imports. φ800mmUHP graphite electrodes have begun trial production.
Local graphite electrode manufacturers in China include Fangda Carbon, Kaifeng Carbon, Dan Carbon, Jilin Carbon and so on. DanCarbon's ultra-high power graphite electrodes with a diameter of 800mm have been tested and qualified in Japanese steel plants.
China uhp graphite electrode price:
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Graphite electrodes manufacturing process
Graphite electrodes manufacturing process pdf
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