Electrode prices chart and index 2021

By:Win Mar 29, 2021
According to the world economic trend, the price trend of graphite electrode will continue to decline and slowly recover in 2021. Graphite electrode prices tend to fall between the $2,000-3,000/mt range.

Electrode prices chart

Recently affected by the outbreak, the price of graphite electrode continued to decline, but prices of some specifications increased, due to higher transportation costs and raw material prices. From January to August, China's graphite electrode suppliers produced 367,000 tons, down 16.2% from last year.
Electrode prices chart and index 2021
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Electrode prices today

Product Sepciafication Price/USD
UHP 400mm 2200
UHP 450mm 2350
UHP 500mm 2550
UHP 550mm 2600
UHP 600*2400-2700mm 2900
UHP 700*2700mm 3800
The price of raw materials accounts for 60% in the production cost of graphite electrode, so the price of graphite electrode is different every day.
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70% of China's electric arc furnace steelmaking enterprises have been in normal production. The mills will purchase graphite electrodes for use next year. In the fourth quarter, China's export of graphite electrode is expected to be good, and orders from the Middle East, Russia, Korea and other countries increase, which is good news for the sales of graphite electrode.