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Graphite electrode export from china

Sep 29, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Win
Graphite electrode export from china
China's graphite electrode exports mainly southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other countries. At present, the export of graphite electrodes to sanctioned countries is limited.

Which countries does graphite electrode export from china?

According to the latest customs data, China exported a total of 209,000 tons of graphite electrodes from January to August 2020. In August, Malaysia, Russia and Turkey were China's major exporters of graphite electrodes. China has long exported graphite electrodes to the United States, Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy, Japan and so on.

Graphite electrode export restriction

Countries under UN sanctions, such as Iran, Syria and North Korea, restrict the export of graphite electrodes. Graphite electrode export without inspection, need to sign a trade contract with the buyer, and then handle dual-use item certificate, and then book transport, export declaration can be. Graphite electrode dual-use items certificate is not very difficult to handle, civil electricity furnace consumables, but the final product is not to the Middle East, especially sanctioned countries.

Graphite electrode export prices from china

Graphite electrode export from china
The data of August 2020 are from the bidding price of various manufacturers, which shall be taken as reference. The price shall be subject to the quotation of the graphite electrode manufacturer on the same day.

Graphite electrode Export License

The export of graphite electrodes needs to apply for dual-use items export license first. The materials needed for the import and export of dual-use items: trade contract, export (import) packing list, foreign end-user and end-use certificate, export license application form for Sensitive items and technologies of China. The most critical part of graphite electrode export is the application of dual-use items export license. If your company does not have qualification, you can find an agent company to apply for it, and then apply for MSDS. After these procedures are done, directly arrange booking space, export declaration is ok.

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