Graphite electrode importer

By:Win Jan 08, 2021
The main importing countries of graphite electrodes are Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, South Korea and the United States.
Graphite electrode market
China's total export of graphite electrodes in 2020 will be about 340,000 tons. It is mainly exported to Malaysia, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Azerbaijan and the United States.
Affected by the new crown epidemic, demand in the Middle East and Europe has greatly weakened, and graphite electrode exports have been blocked. In August, driven by a rebound in the raw material market, the price of graphite electrode rebounded, overseas inquiries began to increase, and exports improved. Graphite electrode market price is stable and rising. The order of 2021 has been arranged to be shipped after March.
Graphite electrode export quantity 2018-2020
(Graphite electrode export quantity 2018-2020)
Graphite electrode importer
Countries that have a large demand for graphite electrodes have a large output of electric arc furnace steelmaking and need to purchase more economical electrodes. According to statistics, EAF steelmaking in all countries in the world accounts for more than 30%. At present, EAF steelmaking in China accounts for 12%, and EAF steelmaking in the United States and India accounts for more than 60%. Graphite electrode 80% used in arc furnace steelmaking, so the graphite electrode can be exported to arc furnace steelmaking countries accounted for a large proportion.
China graphite electrode export price chart
China graphite electrode export price chart.
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