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Graphite electrode kinetics under high temperature oxidation

Sep 17, 2020 Source: DanCarbon Writer: Win
Graphite electrode kinetics under high temperature oxidation
Kinetics of high temperature oxidation reaction of graphite electrode for electric arc furnace.
Graphite electrode kinetics
During the production of graphite electrodes, the void ratio reaches 20% to 30%, which is called multi-void solid. The kinetic process of high temperature oxidation reaction during the use of graphite electrodes:
Graphite electrode kinetics under high temperature oxidation

1) The oxidizing gas diffuses out of the graphite electrode surface through the boundary layer on the outer surface of the graphite electrode.
2) Oxidizing gas diffuses in the voids inside the graphite electrode
3) A chemical reaction occurs at the interface between the oxidizing gas and the graphite electrode
4) Gas reaction products diffuse out of the gas boundary layer through the pores of the graphite electrode
5) The gas reactant diffuses into the electric arc furnace through the gas boundary layer
C1--Gas reactant concentration at gas boundary
C2--Gas reactant concentration at gas-solid interface
Kinetics of graphite electrode is a complex and comprehensive mass transfer process, including the process of convective material transfer within the gas, the diffusion process of gas reactants on the surface and inside the graphite electrode, the chemical reaction at the interface, the size change of graphite electrode after oxidation and consumption, etc. How to establish the dynamic model of graphite electrode? Please check out the Dancarbon article.

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