Graphite electrode sales

By:Win Sep 23, 2020
Graphite electrode sales
Graphite electrode sales are divided into pre-sales consultation and after-sales service, we provide machining support, operation support, business support.
Graphite electrode sales
Graphite electrode picture and graphite electrodes for sale
Graphite electrode picture, It is composed of body and nipple.
Graphite electrode specification
Nominal Diameter of Graphite Electrode
Graphite electrode sales need to have a certain amount of experience before doing business, because it is import and export business. It is necessary to do some credit investigation on the graphite electrode manufacturer, and if possible, go directly to the manufacturer to visit and inspect.
1) In addition to price, graphite electrode sales pay attention to delivery time and transportation, because the production cycle of graphite electrodes is at least 60 days or more.
2) Do customer arc furnace information survey work. According to the design performance of arc furnace, the electrode suitable for arc furnace is selected. In addition, the special properties of the steelmaking EAF, the addition of raw materials, the maximum current intensity, the length of the electrode rise and fall, and the distance between the wall of the eAF and the electrode are all factors that must be considered.
3) The importance of electrode nipples quality in electric arc furnace steelmaking
Nipple plays a key role in connection during electrode steelmaking. The quality of nipple is directly related to the use of electrodes in electric furnace steelmaking.
No matter how good the quality of the electrodes, without a high-quality pacifier connecting the two electrodes, there will be a lot of problems in the steelmaking process.
According to statistics, in the process of eAF steelmaking, more than 80% of electrode accidents are caused by electrode nipples breaking and falling off. Therefore, the selection of high-quality electrode nipple is a guarantee condition for the normal use of electric arc furnace steelmaking electrodes.
4) Before using the graphite electrode, please check whether the foam protection cap on both ends of the electrode and the hole inside the electrode are intact.
5) Tell the steel plant not to mix graphite electrodes of different brands. After using the graphite electrode of the previous manufacturer, use the graphite electrode of the next manufacturer.
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