Graphite electrode business and graphite electrode sales inc

By:Yvonne Sep 16, 2020
Graphite electrode business and graphite electrode sales inc
Our graphite electrode business is mainly in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Russia, Japan, Korea and other regions.

Graphite electrode business

The graphite electrode business mainly includes agents and manufacturers. Export business agents play an important role. However, more and more steel plants directly place orders with graphite electrode manufacturers. This can save more costs. Local graphite electrode manufacturers in China include Fangda Carbon, Kaifeng Carbon, Dan Carbon, Jilin Carbon and so on.
According to statistics, China's 42 graphite electrode companies produced 60,700 tons in May 2020, and China's total graphite electrode exports from January to May 2020 were 142,700 tons.
China graphite electrode monthly export data

China graphite electrode export price chart

China graphite electrode export price chart

Graphite electrode sales inc

At present, Our annual production capacity of graphite electrodes is 120,000 MT of Φ 8”~28”inches from RP, HP, UHP.
DAN CARBON graphite electrodes are manufactured at three factories in Fengcheng Dandong City Liaoning Province China.
Fengcheng Baoxin Carbon Co., Ltd. performs all processes from the raw material to final products, Fengcheng Baoshan Carbon Co., Ltd. performs the processes of calcination, crushing, screening, grinding, mixing, kneading, extrusion, baking, pitch impregnation, re-baking and graphitization, and Dandong Xinxing Carbon Co., Ltd. performs machining, testing, packing and shipping processes.
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