Graphite electrodes china 2021

By:Win Mar 04, 2021
According to customs data, from January to December in 2020, China exported 306,000 tons of graphite electrodes, 13.8% less than the same period last year. The total amount of graphite electrode export was USD742.977 million, which was USD140718.3 million less than last year.
Graphite electrodes china
Starting from 2021, with the rise of raw material price of graphite electrode, the price of graphite electrode in China will usher in the first wave of rise, with an increase of ¥500~1500 yuan/ton. The main types of price increases are ordinary power graphite electrode and high power graphite electrode.
The top three countries in China's graphite electrode export in 2020 are Malaysia, Russian Federation and Turkey. Exports were 25,700 tons, 24,800 tons and 20,000 tons respectively, followed by Italy and Azerbaijan with 17,900 tons and 15,900 tons.
Graphite electrodes china 2021
Graphite electrode china price
By March 1, 2021, China graphite electrode diameter 300-600mm price: Regularpower US $2,100-2500 / ton, High power US $2,500-2900 / ton, Ultra-high power US $2,500-3200 / ton.
Graphite electrode market in china
Production: The production status of graphite electrode company is normal, mainly focusing on the completion of pre-orders. Due to sufficient orders, the delivery date has been arranged to May.
Inventory: graphite electrode enterprises to deliver early orders, enterprise inventory will gradually decline. On the whole, graphite electrode market inventory is still maintained at a low and medium level.
Demand: China's graphite electrode market demand is mainly steel market, export market and silicon metal market.
1. Iron and steel market: some steel enterprises have not started work yet or the starting situation is relatively general, and the overall purchasing intention of steel mills is not strong in the short term. However, graphite electrode enterprises have the support of early orders, and the decline in demand has little impact on the graphite electrode market in the short term.
2. Silicon metal market: the silicon metal industry has not gone through the low period. In the short term, the silicon metal industry is still in the weak starting state of the year before, and the demand for graphite electrode is stable to weak.
3. Export market: the recent export market performance of graphite electrode is general. There are two main factors affecting the export market recently.
Transport, the recent increase in shipping freight in the export market, the shortage of export ships, for graphite electrode export market increased a certain degree of difficulty
EU launches anti-dumping investigation into Chinese graphite electrodes.
Market expectations:
The overall performance of the graphite electrode market is the tight supply of ultra-high power medium and small specifications and the rising demand. In the raw material prices still have a bullish trend under the influence of graphite electrode enterprises to maintain normal production and sales plans, the market price rose. It is expected to rise by ¥1000 yuan/ton.
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