Graphite Electrodes for Steel making, Iron & Metal Production

By:Win May 13, 2021
Graphite electrode steelmaking uses alternating current or direct current as the power source, and uses the high temperature of the arc generated between the furnace charge and the graphite electrode to heat the furnace charge.
Graphite Electrodes for Steel making
The production process of electric arc furnace steelmaking: slagging and repairing furnace, loading metal charge, power transmission, melting, oxidation, reduction refining and steel tapping. Flow chart of electric arc furnace steelmaking production.
Graphite Electrodes for Steel making, Iron & Metal Production
Graphite electrodes uses
• Regular power graphite electrodes are used for smelting crude steel, silicon ore smelting silicon, and phosphate ore smelting yellow phosphorus. High-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes are used for smelting refined steel. The power level of the graphite electrode and the power level of EAF comply with the matching rules.
• Graphite electrodes are used for high-speed cutting of die-casting molds and EDM for die-casting molds. Die-casting molds are widely used: automobile and motorcycle parts, mechanical and electronic product parts, and household appliances parts all require die-casting molds to make die-casting parts.
• Metal magnesium, aluminum and sodium generally use molten salt electrolytic processing technology, and the anode conductive material of the electrolytic cell of the processing equipment uses graphite electrodes. The conductive material of the furnace head of the resistance furnace used in the production of emery (silicon carbide) also uses graphite electrodes.