HD graphite electrodes

By:Win Feb 24, 2021
HD graphite electrodes
HD graphite electrodes means High Density graphite electrodes, Its power is between RP(Regular Power) and HP(High Power), and its physical and chemical indexes are also between them.
1. HD grade graphite electrode
Graphite electrodes are divided into 5 Types: RP Graphite electrodes, HD Graphite electrodes, HP Graphite electrodes, SHP Graphite electrodes, UHP Graphite electrodes. RP, HP and UHP are commonly used types. Graphite electrode manufacturers have added two types of High Density graphite electrode (HD) and Super High Power graphite electrode (SHP) according to users' demand.
hp graphite electrodes structure drawing
HD graphite electrodes structure drawing, It is composed of body and nipple.
2. HD grade graphite electrode thermal conductivity
Graphite electrodes have strong thermal conductivity, and graphite will become an insulator at extremely high temperatures.
HD graphite electrode thermal expansion conductivity data sheet:
HD graphite electrode thermal expansion conductivity data sheet
3. HD graphite electrodes specifications
HD graphite electrodes specifications
4. HD graphite electrodes uses
HD graphite electrodes uses
5. HD graphite electrodes price
HD graphite Electrode Price
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