IEC standard graphite electrodes

By:Win Dec 09, 2020
IEC standard graphite electrodes is IEC 60239-2005, It specifies the dimensions of turned and threaded cylindrical graphite arc furnace electrodes and graphite electrode pins for use as full graphite electrode columns on arc furnaces.
IEC 60239-2005 standard covers
♦ the dimensions and tolerances on length and diameter of electrodes;
♦ the dimensions, tolerances and thread details for electrode sockets and pins of tapered shape, used with the electrodes.
The standardization of the above dimensional features is essential for the interchangeability of electrodes from different sources, and is a minimum standard.
Description of product
Figure 1 shows a graphite arc furnace electrode with its pin in place, ready to be assembled into an electrode column. Electrodes may be shipped as shown in Figure 1, with pins already assembled in sockets or with pins separately packaged.
Description of gaphite electrodes

Diameters of graphite electrodes
Nominal electrode lengths for a given nominal diameter are given in Table 1, as well as the specifications for actual diameters. Electrodes shall be machinaed in order to obtain the specified diameter over the whole electrode length.
Diameters of graphite electrodes
Lengths of graphite electrodes
The lengths of the electrodes (without pin) shall meet specifications set in Table2.
Lengths of graphite electrodes
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Standards for graphite electrode in china
In addition to IEC 60239-2005 standards, China's graphite electrode production should also comply with relevant standards of China's graphite electrode industry.
YB/T 4088 Graphite electrode
YB/T 4089 High power graphite electrode
YB/T 4090 Ultra high power graphite electrode
Dan Carbon graphite electrode conforms to IEC 60239-2005 standard and Chinese graphite electrode standard, and meets the requirements of arc furnace.
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