Uhp 600 graphite electrodes, uhp vs hp electrodes

By:Win Oct 15, 2020
Uhp 600 graphite electrodes, uhp vs hp electrodes
UHP electrode is the electrode used in ultra high power arc furnace, which can shorten melting time and improve production efficiency effectively.
Uhp 600 graphite electrodes
More than 600mm in diameter is the electrode used in ultra-high power arc furnace of over 100 tons, UHP (ultra-high power) electrodes is made of needle coke and coal tar pitch through calcination, extrusion, impregnation, graphitization and mechanical processing.
graphite electrode structure drawing
graphite electrode structure drawing, It is composed of body and nipple.
The diameter of UHP graphite electrode is 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 650mm and 700mm.
Uhp 600 graphite electrodes performance
• High current carrying capacity
• High resistance to thermal shock
• Outstanding flexural strength
• High temperature resistance to oxidation
• Low modulus of elasticity
• Low coefficient of thermal expansion
Uhp 600 graphite electrodes technical data sheet:
Uhp 600 graphite electrodes technical data sheet

Uhp vs hp electrodes
According to the power, there are 3 types of graphite electrode: RP, HP and UHP.
Hp graphite electrodes current
HP electrode is produced from high quality petroleum coke (or low grade needle coke) and requires dipping treatment. It has higher physical and mechanical properties than RP electrode, low resistivity, and allows a large current density.
UHP electrode must be produced by high-grade needle coke, and the graphitization heat treatment must be carried out in the inner series graphitization furnace, with the graphitization temperature up to 2800 ~ 3000°C. Lower resistivity, allowing greater current density, smaller linear expansion coefficient, excellent thermal shock resistance.
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