Weight of graphite electrodes

By:Win Dec 23, 2020
Weight of graphite electrodes
Graphite electrode exports are shipped by ton, and each container weighs about 20 tons. If you buy a graphite electrode, the supplier will supply a nepple.
Graphite electrodes
Graphite electrode (GE) is an essential component of steel production through the electric arc furnace (EAF) method. It consists of needle coke, petroleum coke and coal tar pitch. Those raw materials after calcining, forming, baking, impregnating and graphitizing finally become the finished product, graphite electrode.
Graphite electrodes structure drawing
Graphite electrodes structure drawing
Electrode consists of rod and nipple, The two electrodes are connected by a nipple for use.

Graphite electrodes types
graphite electrodes current
Weight of graphite electrodes
Weight of graphite electrodes
1. Electrodes may be packed with pins already assembled in sockets or with pins separately packaged.
2. Electrodes are delivered on wooden crates strapped with steel bands, the threads and end faces being protected by end caps in order to minimize the risk of damage.
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