What helps consumption of electrodes in the steelmaking process?

By:Win Dec 09, 2020
what helps consumption of electrodes in the steelmaking process
Consumption of graphite electrode in EAF steelmaking in the whole smelting process, any adverse factors will help to increase consumption of graphite electrode.
♦ The poor quality of scrap will prolong the smelting time and lead to the increase of electricity consumption and graphite electrode consumption.
♦ The power supply equipment does not match the specifications and varieties of electrodes.
Electric arc furnace power supply is a high current low voltage operation, too high current will increase the probability of graphite electrode breaking, so that the graphite electrode bottom consumption cone shape. Low power supply, slow heating in the furnace, increase the smelting time.
♦ Forced increase of oxygen blowing (<45M3/T) during smelting can make the charge melt quickly and improve the furnace temperature. However, the electrode will be in a high temperature flame, causing severe oxidation on the surface of the graphite electrode.
♦ Arc furnace operating level and supporting control systems (voltage current control, arc length control, water cooling system control) affect electrode consumption.
♦ Quality and physical strength of graphite electrode (Bulk density, Resistance, Chengdu Strength, Thermal expansion, Coefficient, Young's modulus, Ash Content)
The biggest consumption of graphite electrode is the phenomenon of fracture. Once in a while, it is normal to have a full segment. If there are frequent graphite electrode breaks, the cause should be identified and the problem resolved.
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