Graphite electrode machining system

By:Yvonne Jul 30, 2020
Special mechanical equipment for processing graphite electrode. Including graphite electrode body and joint processing equipment.
Three C630 ordinary lathes are used to form an assembly line to realize the graphite electrode machining process and make the products meet the technical standards used by users.
► Division of labor of 3 C630 general lathes:
The first C630 lathe realized turning outside.
The second C630 lathe realizes cutting hole flat end face.
The third C630 lathe realizes the graphite electrode internal thread machining.
(Picture 1, 2, 3) Conical graphite electrode, driven by the towing plate, realizes the conical internal thread machining by means of a mold supporting device (picture 4) and a special milling cutter device.

Picture 1 Schematic diagram of outer circle of graphite electrode processed by ordinary lathe
1 -- C630 ordinary lathe; 2 -- Long claw chuck; 3 -- Graphite electrode; 4 -- Pneumatic center; 5 - Pneumatic cylinder; 6 -- Pallet container; 7 -- Knife box; 8 - screw

Picture 2 Appearance drawing of hole and flat end lathe
1 -- Rotary cylinder; 2 -- C630 ordinary lathe; 3 - Long claw chuck; 4 -- Graphite electrode; 5 - Electrode bracket; 6 - Electric sliding board box; 7 - motor

Picture 3 Contour diagram of machining electrode screw lathe
1 -- Rotary cylinder; 2 -- C630 ordinary lathe; 3 - Long claw chuck; 4 -- Graphite electrode; 5 - Center frame; 6 - Motor; 7 - Milling cutter device; 8 - Double deck skateboard; 9 -- Motor; 10 - dragging plate box
► Equipment processing characteristics
C630 lathe is used to process graphite electrode, which has the advantages of low price, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high rate of finished products and easy cutting. Disadvantages are high labor intensity, low processing precision, easy to produce large vibration in the processing, the processing of large dust caused by machine wear and harm to the health of workers.
► equipment
Like the C630 ordinary lathe, it is composed of a headboard case, a knife case, a pallet case, a bed and its accessories.
The headstock. In order to meet the need of graphite electrode production, modification is made for the C630 lathe headstock, mainly increase Ⅱ shaft diameter of axle, reduce the work gear teeth, increase the corresponding module of gear, and to improve gear strength by 50% (figure 5 and table 1).

Picture 4 Schematic diagram of machining taper by die device
1 - the head of a bed; 2 -- Graphite electrode; 3 - milling cutter; 4 - Middle towing plate; 5 -- Milling cutter device; 6 - Motor; 7 - Adjust the Angle of the inclined guide; 8 -- Shifting support plate; 9 -- Fix the supporting frame

Picture 5 Modification of the bedside gearbox of model C630 ordinary lathe