Graphite electrode connection steps and tightening momente data sheet

By:Yvonne Oct 14, 2020
Cautions in connection of Graphite Electrodes
When the electrodes are connected, blow off ash on the end surfaces and in the holes of the electrodes by using compressed air, align the connector of the new electrode with the center of the electrode hole, vertically and slowly screw the electrode connector in the electrode hole, and when the connector is screwed in, the applied force should be uniform and steady, and the tightening torque should conform with standards.
Graphite electrode connection tightening momente data sheet
Graphite electrode use and connection steps
1. When raising the electrode from horizontal to vertical position, leave the pin protection in place or alternatively place a cushioning material underneath the pin to prevent damage to the threads.
2. Clean the socket and end faces of the old column as well as of the new electrode with compressed air.
3. In the case where some dirt should be removed manually, use a soft brush against the threads. Use of a metallic brush should be avoided.
4. Lift the new electrode over the old column, and slowly drop it vertically to avoid any thread damage occurring from shocks.
5. Turn the new electrode with a torque ring. At this time, the lift plug and the electrode rotate down together until the end faces of the two electrodes contact.
6. Tighten the electrode with appropriate torque to lock the electrode.