How to reduce graphite electrode consumption?

By:Yvonne Aug 19, 2020
How to reduce graphite electrode consumption?
To reduce the consumption of graphite electrode, please note that:
1. Make sure the duration that electrodes stay in furnace as short as possible, and keep proper negative pressure operation in melting furnace, which helps consumption reduction.
2. Avoid oxygen lance blowing directly to electrodes.
3. Properly use cooling water.
► Factors that Influence Consumption of Graphite Electrode
• Feeding amount and method
• Charging time and outage time
• Tap-to-tap cycle
• Exhaust gas emission
• Adjusting on clamper position
• High currency
• Large slag amount
• Improper oxygen blowing
• Operation and joining of electrodes
► Form of Consumption of Graphite Electrodes
• Sublimation
• Assimilation
• Melt (immerse in furnace hearth)
• Oxidation
• Breakage
Sublimation of arc complies with the function of I2: less graphite electrodes will be consumed by long arc.