Graphite Electrode Sales Manager Jobs

By:Li Feng Aug 04, 2020
Graphite Electrode Sales Manager Jobs
Business Scope

1. Graphite electrodes and other strategic consumable materials used in Metallurgical industry

2. Projects (building, bridge, road, mining, metro, steel making plant, power plant and so on)


1.Expand business and enhance the market share;

2.Provide professional support and excellent service to customers;

3.Make reports of customers’ requirements and on-site situation correctly and timely, solve the problems in time with support of technical team.


1. Experience and ability to use the internet to develop markets and find customers to achieve your sales goals.

2. Experience in above business scope in your country or district for 3+ years;

3. Professional background related to mechanics, metallurgy, chemistry, and medical fields;

4. Sales engineers or technical experts are preferred;

5. Proactive, passionate, and determined with a strong desire to achieve goals

Affected by the epidemic, the global economy will continue to decline in the next 3-5 years. The extensive business fields and sustainable development of DanCarbon Group will provide our agents/partners with stable employment and rich remuneration, and moreover you can discover your own business potential and create self-value through the DanCarbon platform. We warmly welcome you to join in DanCarbon Group !
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