Congratulations on the completion of the Dan Carbon headquarters Relocation

By:Win Dec 04, 2020
Congratulations to Dancarbon Group building completed and uses
After more than one year of construction, the headquarters building of Dan Carton Group Company was finally finished. The building was completed and put into use at this special time, which has significant meaning.
In order to comply with the development of the group, display the corporate image, and take a further step in the development of graphite electrode research and manufacturing, Dan Carton invested in the construction of this new office building. Also take the product to a new level of brand development layout.
Graphite electrode display hall
Lobby (UHP700 Graphite Electrode)
Front desk and corridor
Front desk/ Corridor
The lounge
Office of the Chairman
The meeting room
Graphite Electrode Showcase/ Meeting Room
Office Building Exterior
The garden
Back Yard
The new office building shows the new aspect of Dan Carbon. The building has carried out innovative design of office area, leisure area, product and cultural area.
The office is spacious and bright, incorporating nowadays most popular trend elements with international and high-end atmosphere to provide all the employees with a better working atmosphere. The comfortable environment can enhance the company’s centripetal force and also encourages employees.
Continuously improve the happiness index of employees, Dan Carbon makes employees have a sense of belonging and honor, enhance creativity and improve work efficiency, and promote the development of the enterprise.
Welcome to visit Dan Carbon new headquarter!